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Production Credits

Web Credits

Producer: Anu Krishnan
Graphic Art: Gabriel Torres
Technical Director: Brian Lee
Production Assistant: Diana Cofresí-Terrero
Copy Editor: Leslie Kriesel
HTML Implementation Assistance: Brian Santalone

GREAT PERFORMANCES Web pages copyright © 2008 Educational Broadcasting Corporation.

Thirteen Online is a production of Thirteen/WNET New York’s Kravis Multimedia Education Center in New York City. Dan Goldman, Executive Director. Bob Adleman, Business Manager. Tamara E. Robinson, Vice President & Director, Programming.

Television Credits


Larry Goldings

Produced and Directed by
Don Mischer

Written by
James Taylor

Executive Producers
Sydney Pollack
Michael Gorfaine
Sam Feldman

Coordinating Producers
Juliane Hare
Ellyn Kusmin

Line Producers
Charlie Haykel
Eric Cook

Music Producers
Dave O’Donnell
James Taylor

Lighting Designer
Robert Dickinson

Mike Polito

Associate Director
Gregg Gelfand

Stage Manager
Arthur Lewis

Tour Production Manager
Ralph Perkins

Tour Audio Engineer
David L. Morgan

Tour Stage Manager
Anthony R. Bader

Tour Monitor Mixer
Andy Sottile

Tour Lighting Director
Tom Wagstaff

Tour Scenic Designer
Michael Schweikardt

Music Engineers
Dave O’Donnell
Eddie Jackson

Tour Lighting Designer
Chris Dallos

Tour Lighting Consultant
Mac Mosier

Producer, Videos
Susan Dangel

Video Content Consultant
Jonathan Beswick

Tour Support
Meagan Strader

Guitar Technician/Rigger
Jonathan Prince

Piano Technician
Mark Konrad

Tour Video Technicians
Nelson Funk
John Hicks

Production Assistant
Nelliana Kuh

Art Director
Seth Easter

Production Supervisor
Augie Max Vargas

Production Manager
Aaron Cooke

Production Coordinator
Luke Mathews

Assistant to Don Mischer
Jason Uhrmacher

Clip Clearance
Julie Arie

Post Production Supervisor
Stacy Gale

Production Associates
Sharmaine Burke
Nate Catucci
Alison Craig
Michael Esposito
Christina Kim
Tom Kotarba
Caleb Vesey

Production Mixer
Ed Greene

Technical Supervisor
Bob Muller

Technical Director
Jon Pretnar

Staging Supervisor
Tony Hauser

Business Management
Stanley Lim
Joanne Garzilli

Members of the Tanglewood Festival Chorus
John Oliver

Paulo Cesar Carminati
Anna S. Choi
Abbe Dalton Clark
Stefanie J. Gallegos
Katharine Heaton
Timothy Lanagan
Gale Livingston
Kieran Murray
Michael Prichard
Brian R. Robinson
Laura C. Sanscartier
Arend Sluis
Don P. Sturdy
Caroline Taylor
Christina Lillian Wallace
Kurt Walker
Terry L. Ward

Chorus Manager
Felicia A. Burrey

Assistant Chorus Manager
Meryl Atlas

Remote Facilities
NEP Denali

Editing Facilities

Additional Post Production Sound
Post Logic

Footage and Photos Courtesy of
Best Shot Footage
Blue Sky Footage
Dan Beach
Dr. Tas Van Ommen
Elizabeth Witham
Ford Motor Company
Metropolitan Toronto Library
Natalie Sweet
Owen Beattie
Peter Asher
The National Archives
Warner Bros. Entertainment

© 2007 James Taylor. Under exclusive license to Starcon, LLC D/B/A Hear Music™. All Rights Reserved.

Director, Program Development
Bill O’Donnell

Executive Producer
David Horn

The contents of these GREAT PERFORMANCES Web pages are copyrighted under United States and other copyright laws. You may not download, reproduce, transmit, display, distribute or make derivative works from the contents of the GREAT PERFORMANCES Web pages other than for personal use without the advance written permission of the copyright owner. Any unauthorized use of any of the contents of the GREAT PERFORMANCES Online Web pages may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.



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