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Working the Comedy Club Circuit

To workshop his first scripts for Latin History for Morons, John Leguizamo reads them aloud in comedy clubs around the country. The feedback he receives helps determine the direction for the next drafts.

Premieres Friday, November 16 at 9 p.m. on PBS (check local listings). Streams Saturday, November 17 at and on PBS apps.


But yo this is the way I work my stuff out you know I test it in front of audiences I did 'Freak' and 'Ghetto Klown' this way I read it first... thank you, thank you.

My process has always been to read it because if I lock it in my mind and memorize it then it doesn't change.

facts in my head. My mother told me not to do drugs I should have listened to her.

But y'all know to say no the drugs right?

Come on. That way we drive the price down together.

to protect it fiercely. I need to have total flexibility.

So in the next 80 minutes I'm gonna take you through 3,000 years of Latin history.

So it's kind of Latin History for Dummies with A.D.H.D.

And there's going to be quizzes so be forewarned, alright?

'I thought it was gonna be funny.' 'I thought you would be talking about your family...It was like a history lesson.'

So with all diseases and the bullets slaving up these peoples that was the end of the Taínos and their time on earth.

I realized that as much as I loved the history and my friends who I read it for in my basement office they all loved the history the the public wanted more personal life.


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