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Production Credits

Cast of Characters

Donny Osmond: Joseph

Maria Friedman: The Narrator

Richard Attenborough: Jacob

Ian McNeice: Potiphar

Joan Collins: Mrs. Potiphar

Robert Torti: Pharaoh

Christopher Biggins: The Baker

Alex Jennings: The Butler

Nicolas Colicos: Reuben

Jeff Blumenkrantz: Simeon

David J. Higgins: Levi

Shaun Henson: Napthali

Patrick Clancy: Issachar

Martin Callaghan: Asher

Sebastien Torkia: Dan

Michael Small: Zebulun

Peter Challis: Gad

Nick Holmes: Benjamin

Gerry McIntyre: Judah

Amanda Courtney-Davies: Apache Dancer

GREAT PERFORMANCES Web pages copyright © 2000-2001 Educational Broadcasting Corporation.

Web Credits

Producer: David McCarthy
Art Director & Designer: Sabina Daley
Associate Producer: Anu Krishnan
Graphic Art: Lenny Drozner, Meiza Fleitas
Acting Design Director: Shannon Palmer
Technical Director: Brian Lee
Production Assistance: Peter Tierney
Intern: Ben Velmonte
Writer: Michael Coveney

Thirteen Online is a production of Thirteen/WNET New York’s Kravis Multimedia Education Center in New York City. Anthony Chapman, Director of Interactive & Broadband. Bob Adleman, Business Manager. Carmen DiRienzo, Vice President and Managing Director, Corporate Affairs.

About the Writer

Michael Coveney is the theater critic for the DAILY MAIL in London. He has written books about the Glasgow Citizens Theatre, the actress Dame Maggie Smith, the film director Mike Leigh, the actor Sir Robert Stephens, and now Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber. His critically acclaimed book about the composer, CATS ON A CHANDELIER, was published in London in 1999 and draws on extensive conversations with Lloyd Webber, as well as with many of his colleagues, friends, and family. An updated paperback version of the book, THE ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER STORY, will be published in the summer of 2000.

Television Credits

Principal Musicians
Guitar: Freddie “Frizzy” Karlesson
Bass Guitar: Andy Pask
Drum Kit: Neil Wilkinson
Piano: Pete Adams
Keyboard: Andy Lynwood and Andy Vinter
Percussion: Frank Ricotti

“Go Go Go” Percussion
Tavin Singh

London Musicians Orchestra
Rolf Wilson, Leader

Production Manager
Rebecca Ferrand

Production Coordinator
Rebecca Pope

Production Assistant
Lisa Todd

First Assistant Director
Matthew Clarke

Script Supervisor
Jane Darby

Lighting Designers
Nic Knowland
Stewart Hadley

Costume Supervisor
Charlotte Bird

Sound Recordist
Tim Fraser

Video Monitoring Supervisor
Tibor Kud

Supervising Editor
Dave Gardener

Music Recording Engineer
Robin Sellars

Music Programmer
Lee McCutcheon

Audio Post-Production
David Woolley

Post-Production Supervisor
Cecilia Blaker

Camera Operators
Andrew Watt
James Ramsay
John Metcalfe
Nigel Kirton
Tiffany Walker

Makeup Designer
Rupert Simon

Chief Hair Dresser
John Henry Gordon

Prop Master
Steve West

Post-Production Sound Supervisor
Peter Baldock

Wig Supervisor
Michael Ward

Wig Maker
Christine Sterritt

Shot at Pinewood Studios
Recorded at Whitfield Strait Studios

Tavin Singh Affcars, courtesy of Island Records

© 1999 Jacob & Sons Limited. A member of The Really Useful Group.


Produced and Directed by
David Horn

Written by
Michael Walsh

Coordinating Producer
Mona Niemiec

Gary Bradley

Line Producer
Mitch Owgang

Director of Photography
Rick Siegel

Associate Producer
Noelle Serper

Unit Manager
Mark McKenna

Manny Gutierrez
Juan Barrera

Richie Wirth
Mike Kirchner

Jim Foglia
Leo Lawrence

Dolly Grip
Chris Varga

Gil McDowell
John Roche

Ted Lettane
Ruank Behan
Ben D’Andrea
Bryan Wachtel

Peter Korpan
Jason O’Brien

D’Arianne Bramberg

Production Assistants
David Landphier
Greg Arciniega
John Wiley
Dillon Jones

Production Secretary
Jackie Ling

Special Thanks
St. Thomas Church, Addison Keim
St. Michael’s Academy, Sr. Kathleen Cusack
The Really Useful Group, Austin Shaw

Executive Producer
Jac Venza

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