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Josh Answers Your Questions

Josh Groban in Concert ~ Josh Answers Your QuestionsWe want to thank everyone who submitted questions to Josh. He could only respond to a limited number of your submissions, and we are not accepting additional inquiries.

Question 1: Is everybody in your family as musically inclined as you?

Answer: My family is pretty musical in that they enjoy and appreciate music from all genres. When I was young, they really made sure I was exposed to some great music, and I definitely got my ear from my dad, who learned to play both piano and trumpet by ear when he was in high school and college. My younger brother plays guitar, but his real passion is film.

Question 2: What do you love most about singing?

Answer: Singing brings out in me what I can’t normally bring out in everyday life. It’s an incredible feeling to be able to bare your soul to people you’ve never met in a way that can make them understand so clearly what you mean. That’s what I love most about singing … it becomes my truest form of communication.

Question 3: The music you sing is beautiful, to say the least, but you’re a pretty good drummer as well. Did you ever aspire to be a professional drummer, or is it merely a pastime for you?

Answer: Yay! Thanks for this question. I LOVE the drums. I’ve always bought CDs that were drum heavy and featured amazing drummers, and it’s been my main hobby for the last five years. I hope one day to join a band as a drummer, but in the meantime the most professional it will get is a little bit on tour or on my next album if I get brave enough.

Question 4: What kind of advice would you give to someone who dreams of a career in vocal music and acting? It is frustrating with so many ups and downs.

Answer: When I found out that I had “the bug” for music and acting, something just turned on like a light switch and I … [had] a one-track mind that I HAD to get as much training as possible and go for it one day. There are many ups and downs, but the one thing that I’ve learned that has helped me is that for someone starting out it takes two things (besides talent) … unending drive and patience. Immerse yourself in your craft and study other artists around you as much as you train yourself. Other than that, it can come down to being at the right place at the right time. But if you’re driven enough and you’re prepared, your chances of that happening are much greater. Good luck!



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