Jump Rope and Tap Dance Routine in “Shaking the Blues Away”


The Holiday Inn cast jump rope and tap dance in “Shaking the Blues Away.”

[Jump ropes, tap dancing, cheers, instrumental music] BRYCE PINKHAM: I got you something!

Merry Christmas!

MEGAN LAWRENCE & DANCERS (singing): Do like the voodoos do.

Listening to melody.

MEGAN LAWRENCE & BRYCE PINKHAM (singing) They shake their bodies so.

MEGAN LAWRENCE & DANCERS (singing): To and Fro.

MEGAN LAWRENCE & BRYCE PINKHAM (singing): With every shake, a lucky break.

MEGAN LAWRENCE & DANCERS: Oooohhh... DANCERS (singing): Proving that there's a way to chase your cares away.

MEGAN LAWRENCE (singing): Chase your cares and... MEGAN LAWRENCE & DANCERS (singing): If you would lose your weary blues, shake 'em away... ALL (singing): Shake 'em away... [Clapping and cheering]