Clip | Alicia Keys - Landmarks Live in Concert Full Episode - Alicia Keys Concert at the Circle Line

Alicia Keys discusses performing a spontaneous concert on the Circle Line with Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Landmarks Live in Concert rebroadcasts on Friday, June 23 at 10PM (check local listings) with Grammy Award-winning artist, Alicia Keys. A native New Yorker, Keys performs in notable NYC locations, including the world famous Circle Line harbor tour and Harlem’s Apollo Theater.

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ALICIA KEYS: When you get on the Circle Line with me performing on it, I want you to know... it was anything but boring.

ALICIA KEYS: You all feeling good?

[CROWD CHEERS] Okay, when y'all woke up this morning did you think you were gonna be here tonight?

It was in fact one of the most absolutely wildest, coolest places I've ever performed because the message went out that day for people to attend this show.

So it was a bit of a frenzy, crazy, like literally like off the street, on the boat.

So when I tell you it was totally spontaneous and wild.

The energy was nuts.

And then we're on this boat filming these songs and we kinda strung up all these lights to make it feel festive.

[LAUGHTER] ALICIA KEYS: It was literally a boat party.

It was a party... on a boat.

It was incredible.

Again, another landmark because there's not a soul that comes to this city that doesn't wanna see the city from this perspective.