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Marin Alsop on Female Conductors


Marin Alsop works with two rising female conductors, Lina González-Granados and Alexandra Arrieche, on their technique and how to break into the male dominated industry.


Yeah, that's good. No, no, no.

That's not good because the conductor has to be facing out to them. Oh.

See what I mean? So let's go the other way. You know, to generalize that something is specific because of gender is a dangerous thing. Right.

But I think we haven't been allowed to have the conversation enough about the fact that there are certain things that are definitely gender related.

And I do think that the way society treats women in terms of expectation, you know, that women have to look -- you don't just have to be good. You have to also look a certain way.

Think when we get in front of a large group of people, their expectations are, are tripled. The process I don't think is overnight, you know, it takes years to, to really understand who we are as individuals and be safe and secure in that, you know, but this comes down to also our gesture, right? Oh.

Yeah. Oh yeah. Definitely.

If we, if, you know, if it starts to be exactly like this, right.

What happens? Oh.

But when men will make that same gesture, the, the interpretation is very different. Oh yeah.

Because they they're sensitive and you know, there's, and then it becomes a positive.

Yes. Because yeah, for us, like sensitive is, is what it stops us for being what they think. We need to be.

They already sense that women is sensitive.

So everything we do enhances that.

For example, what I loved about seeing Alex is that when she stands on the podium, like it's a feeling that when she's there, it's like, she belongs in the podium.

That's, it's like, I'm here and I belong to be here and it's not, I deserve, or I justify it is just I'm here and you better give me the sound that I need.

Yep. So do you wanna do that moment? That sensitive moment at 16?

Yes. Why not? Yeah.


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