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One Lunch, Two Guvnors


Francis Henshall (James Corden) attempts to serve lunch to both of his guvnors at the same time, which inevitably ends in a food fight.


Gareth: That's carré d'agneau, rack of lamb.

Francis Henshall: Quite look at this, lamb chops my favorite!

Oh we wants some of this!

Christine come on, down you come.

Are you all right?

Don't worry, Christine, very soon this will all be over.

Okay, now how am I gonna do this?

[Corden muttering to himself] You're having carré....w, t, grace. That's it-- Roscoe Crab: Francis!

FH: Here we are, sir!

Lamb à la trolly cart at the table.

Stanley Stubbers: Henshall!

FH: Here we are, sir!

Lamb à la trolly cart at the table.

RC: Francis?

I thought you were... FH: It's a funny old game innit, lamb cart at the table.

SS: Henshall!

[Alfie cowering, audience laughing] Where's Henshall?

Alfie: Please don't hurt me.

FH: What you got there Alfie?

Alfie: Potatoes!

FH: Well get ready because I'm coming!

SS: Henshall! Food fight!


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