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Richard Armitage and Rosalind Eleazar in “Uncle Vanya”


Dr. Astrov (Richard Armitage) and Yelena (Rosalind Eleazar) say their emotional and lovesick goodbyes.

Dr. Astrov: Stay, one more day. See me tomorrow.

Yelena: No, no, no!

A: Come to the forest.

Y: It's already been decided, but I will ask you one thing.

Please think better of me than you do. I am more than what you take me for and I would like you to respect me.

A: Respect you? How can I respect you?

You have no aim in life. You do absolutely nothing to occupy your attention.

So it may not be today or tomorrow, but sooner or later you will have to give in to this feeling. It's inevitable better that you give into it here in the bosom of nature.

God don't live to regret everything in a dump like Cracow.

Out here we have the forest, all these quaint old rundown estates. Out here at least we can dream we're in it together.

Y: Oh God, stop it, stop it! Stop being so absurd! God you make me so angry, Dr. Astrov, but all the same I will remember you. You are an interesting and original person and we'll never see each other again, so why bother keeping it a secret.

I was...I was actually quite smitten with you for a time.

So there we are, let's shake hands and part as friends and remember me kindly, alright?

A: You know, it's so strange I look at you and I see a well-intentioned, warm-hearted person, but everywhere you go you wreak havoc.

Y: No I don't!

A: Yes you do! You don't mean to but no sooner do you arrive than everyone who was working here, busy with something, creating something, everybody abandons everything to attend to you and your husband and your various dissatisfactions.

Y: Oh please!

A: Yes, both of you. You have infected everybody with your idleness, including me. I haven't done a damned thing this whole month.

People are sick. The peasants have let their animals graze on my land.

Everything that I planted has been destroyed.

Y: Well, that's hardly my fault, doctor.