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Yannick Reminisces About His Musical Childhood


Yannick Nézet-Séguin reminisces about his artistic upbringing and how he fell in love with music. Showing an affinity towards art of all kinds at a young age, Yannick began to become fascinated by music and conducting through his involvement in the choir at his local church.



My mother would say that I had great ear and I had a great memory and strong affinities right away.

I'm not sure this is really my recollection.

[Music plays] After that, he began to draw orchestras.

He stopped drawing Jesus.

And when he took the theme of the orchestra, he drew orchestras, orchestras, he was drawing orchestras, with a podium and a conductor.

And what he told me at that time is that he saw himself on the podium once. And after, he stopped drawing, like he had discovered his career, his the goal in life. So he stopped. And he wrote 'Fin,' the end.


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