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April 9th, 2009
Lesson Plan 1: Experimental Music
Prep for Teachers

Prior to teaching this lesson, you will need to:

Preview all of the video segments and Web sites used in the lesson.

Queue up the DVD or prepare to watch them using your classroom’s Internet connection.

Bookmark the Web sites used in the lesson on each computer in your classroom. Using a social bookmarking tool such as or diigo (or an online bookmarking utility such as portaportal) will allow you to organize all the links in a central location.

Draw or print three smileys for posting around the classroom – happy, sad, and scared (to draw a simple scared smiley, draw raised eyebrows and an open mouth – either a round mouth or shaped like a downward-facing semicircle).

Practice using the Chord Structure Interactive and select some chords to use in the Introductory Activity (alternatively, if a piano is available, select a few chords to play on a piano for this exercise).

If you would like your students to conduct their experiments with subjects in another class (for example with peers or with younger students), arrange with other teachers in your school to do so.

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