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June 9th, 2009
The Contest
The Winners of the MI Contest, "Noise Reinvented"

The winners of our first contest for The Music Instinct: Science & Song have been chosen and are listed below along with the mp3s of the winning entries. Listen or download the winning entries below. Want to see more about this contest? See our contest page at Indaba Music’s Web site.

Missed this first contest? Enter our second contest to mix The Music Instinct Theme here.

Winner: David Minnick, “Ignition”

Download mp3

Rationale: Very good musical use of SFX throughout the whole piece.  Well developed.  Created very good use of water sounds for the rhythm bed.  Extremely musical use of the sound effects provided for the contest.

Runners Up:

Andrew Westphale, “Groovolution”

Download mp3

Rationale: Nice development in the beginning. Wonderfullly creative use of manipulated wolf howls as organ sound. Great chimp loops as rhythm.  Creative the use of the balloon effects.

Randy Colby, “PBS Science & Song (RC Breaks Mix)”

Download mp3

Rationale: Good musical development.  Love the open with the bubbles mixed with the dinner triangle.  And loved the apes at the end. Good use of thunderstorm as break.  Interesting use of ping pong sound for the last part of piece.

David Cutter “Passing Windows”

Download mp3

Rationale: David Cutter created a very nice mellow groove and very creative use of varied sfx with the rhythm.  The piece was very musical -particularly the use of the electronic beeps.  Good use of laughs throughout.

Royal Beatsmyth, “Ambassador Lassiter’s Phantasmic Antiquarium”

Judgement Rationale: This artist created a good groove with edge.  Interesting use
of cheerleader fx, nice use of vocals.  Creative use of telephone as a melody in last part of piece.

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