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May 20th, 2009
Physics of Sound
Cellist Michael Fitzpatrick on Vibrations

Michael Fitzpatrick: One of the research endeavors that I took was to look into the ideal sound wave rate, the idea of a vibrato wave, of oscillation, and there was a study that analyzed the great musicians of the past 20th century: Caruso, Heifetz, Casals, and they all have a vibrato wave or rate that was about 7 or 8 cycles per second.

So you have this—ning, ning, ning, ning—ning, ning, ning, ning– ning, ning, ning, ning—and the physicist will attest to that we are entrained to the vibration that is dominant in our environment sonically.

So I was then curious to know if somehow this was a deeper universal rhythm that they were tuning into. If you can tap into that universal pulse, if you can get that to come out of the instrument that other people would experience that directly.

You hit that pulse right on, then—whatever word you want to use—you can experience peace of mind, enlightenment, or just deep listening

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