Wasp Deposits Parasitic Larvae Deep Inside Tree Trunk


The wasp''s antennae scan every millimeter of bark.

For a very specific spot.

She''s found it.

Now megarhyssa manoevres her ovipositor into position.

But it''s much too long.

First it''s coiled into a special flexible pouch in her abdomen.

Now the drill is at right angles to the wood.

She can bore straight through the bark.

With hi-tech precision she drills towards the larva of a wood wasp.

The megarhyssa pierces its body and injects her venom.

This won''t kill the larva, but paralyzes it for ever.

She retracts the ovipostor just a little.

And then lays an egg directly on to the surface of the immobilized wood wasp larva.

Her egg turns into a larva, that will eat the paralyzed host bit by bit... ...until it''s ready to emerge.

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