Bear Cub Check Up


- Here baby.

Hi baby, hi, hi, hey.

Hi. (laughs) Hi, welcome to the (laughs) Hello.

Hi, hi little one.

Welcome to the world.

Hi, so this is one animal, one cub.

We'll sex them in a little bit.

- We got a scrapper.

- Oh, this is number two.

- [Man] I wanna get her out.

- And again we just have to see exactly how many cubs are here - I need a pig puller.

with the mother, it's at least two.

- Ah, possibly. - It could be three.

You gotta keep 'em warm, 'cause they've never experienced the real cold.

As soon as we start processing them officially, we'll sex them, weigh them, measure them, give them some type of tag, so that when we find them again in the summer we know who the individuals are.

But most importantly, they gotta stay warm and we gotta move quickly.


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