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The Frog Ark | WILD HOPE
Many of the world’s most beloved frogs and amphibians are headed for extinction, but inside “The Ark” in Panama, some of those threatened species are given a fighting chance. Using innovative technology and breakthrough genetics, researchers have ignited a cadre of solutions to save these rare and cherished species.
Premiered: 5/28/2024
S42 Ep16
Saving the Animals of Ukraine
In the midst of violence and war, Ukrainian citizens are coming together to rescue animals that have been left behind by those forced to flee. Witness a moving view into the effects of war on animals, and the humans who help them.
Premiered: 5/15/2024
Turtle Trackers | WILD HOPE
Three species of sea turtles nesting in southeast Florida face a range of manmade threats. Thanks to conservation measures, loggerhead and green sea turtles are recovering, but leatherbacks remain at risk. Researchers know little about this amazing species — and in the battle to save leatherbacks, knowledge is key.
Premiered: 3/14/2024
A Farm Goes Wild | WILD HOPE
For years, Derek Gow worked his 400-acres in western England as a conventional sheep and cattle farm. But as both a farmer and conservationist, he knew that wasn’t right for nature. Now, he’s using his experience with British rewilding projects to return his land to what it once was: a healthy, biodiverse ecosystem.
Premiered: 3/14/2024
Coral Comeback | WILD HOPE
Coral reefs around the world are threatened by rising ocean temperatures, but hope is growing off the coast of Hawaii. There, researchers at the Coral Resilience Lab selectively breed corals to withstand ever-increasing amounts of heat stress.
Premiered: 3/14/2024
Birds on the Brink | WILD HOPE
Hawai’i is home to a broad, beautiful array of bird species found only on its islands — like the stunningly diverse honeycreepers, many on the border of extinction. Now, a local team is removing invasive predators, restoring habitats, and battling mosquito-borne diseases to protect honeycreepers from their latest threat: avian malaria.
Premiered: 3/14/2024
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