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Busy Beavers | Backyard Nature
Cinematographer Jeff Hogan has filmed many animals all over the world, but, to him, nothing compares to filming busy and beautiful beavers in his hometown of Jackson, Wyoming. He's been filming beavers for over 30 years and has perfected capturing these creatures at work. See how he does it and how important beavers are to the local ecosystem and surrounding wildlife in this episode.
Premiered: 11/11/2022
S41 Ep3
Woodpeckers: The Hole Story
Get an intimate look at what makes woodpeckers so special. Explore their unique abilities and intimate stories from around the world. Narrated by Paul Giamatti.
Premiered: 11/2/2022
S41 Ep2
Canada: Surviving the Wild North
Journey from Canada’s Arctic to the boreal forest and discover how polar bears, coastal wolves, lynx and more survive in the North. Timing and seizing opportunity can mean the difference between life and death in this wild and rugged outpost.
Premiered: 10/26/2022
S41 Ep1
Running with the Beest
Witness the great wildebeest migration in East Africa, the most impressive mass movement of land animals on Earth. Travel with two Maasai guides who expose today’s conflict between people and wildlife and share new ideas for co-existence.
Premiered: 10/19/2022
Westward Wings | A NATURE Short Film
"Westward Wings" follows researcher Maggie Hirschauer as she strives to learn more about the monarch butterfly population in western Montana. Maggie’s research opens a window to a world of pollinators and highlights the importance of creating habitat for native pollinators across the Western United States.
Premiered: 7/27/2022
S40 Ep13
Portugal: Wild Land on the Edge
Discover the wildlife and landscapes of Portugal, shaped by its history as a global trading hub. From forest to coast, witness the majesty of the country’s wild horses, storks, monk seals, flamingos and more.
Premiered: 4/27/2022
S40 Ep12
American Arctic
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska has long protected survivors of the Ice Age, but this frozen fortress is melting due to climate change. For the caribou, musk oxen, polar bears and Arctic foxes, the Ice Age is slipping away.
Premiered: 4/13/2022
S40 Ep10
American Horses
American horses are icons. Mustang. Appaloosa. Morgan. Quarter Horse. Follow the history of the uniquely American horse breeds that helped shape our nation and meet the people who are continuing in the long tradition of caring for them.
Premiered: 2/23/2022
S40 Ep9
The Ocean’s Greatest Feast
The story of South Africa’s sardine migration is brought vividly to life on camera. Each summer, the sardine run sees billions of sardines traveling up the coast, providing a feast for an array of marine predators.
Premiered: 2/16/2022
S40 Ep7
Australia | Animals with Cameras
Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan fronts the team helping scientists investigate the lives of some of Australia’s most iconic animals. Koalas, fruit bats and kangaroos take the cameras into their secret worlds.
Premiered: 1/26/2022
S40 Ep6
Oceans | Animals with Cameras
Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan leads a team using state-of-the-art cameras, offering a fresh look at the lives of some of the animals in our oceans such as sharks, elephant seals, turtles and gannets.
Premiered: 1/19/2022
S40 Ep5
Growing Up | Born in the Rockies
Young animals face new challenges as winter envelopes the Rocky Mountains, and spring means the end of childhood. A grizzly mom prepares her cubs for hibernation, a mountain lion raises her kittens and a bison calf must learn to survive the snow.
Premiered: 11/17/2021
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