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Arctic Foxes Destroy Filmmaker’s Camera


Curious arctic fox kits, having discovered one of our motion sensor cameras, proceed to tear it apart.


Arctic foxes look, very different from red foxes, because they''ve got these very short legs, short ears, short blunt snouts.

It''s just an indication of the harshness of this environment that were place on foxes when they expanded up into the north.

That''s why they have such small appendages and small ears, to conserve body heat.

Jim Roth: They''re really curious critters, these arctic foxes.

They''re so bold.

Narrator: Their brazenness may come from having few predators in this landscape, or it could be that living in a big family emboldens them.

Either way - it didn''t take these pups long to walk right up to our motion sensor cameras and have their way with them.

(crunching sounds)


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