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Karen Brazell

Visual Designer and Photo Editor

VII Magazine: Photojournalisms

The notion of “home” has shifting significance for Ed Kashi, a photojournalist who travels the world documenting social and political issues. This short, experimental film provides a glimpse into the life and mind of an intrepid photographer. It is a complex collage defined by sensation, tension, and passion.


Video: Need to Know, Friday, March 30, 2012: Texas justice

Texas is taking the lead on an innovative treatment plan to keep former prisoners from committing new crimes. Jeff Greenfield hosts.


Photo: Not without a fight

After disappointing results in the Mississippi and Alabama primaries this week, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich vowed that his campaign would continue.


Slideshow: Super Tuesday

With more than 400 delegates at stake, Republican candidates battled it out across 10 states in a fraught Super Tuesday contest.


Photo: Revolution in Egypt, revisited

Mass protests against the Egyptian military leadership continued into a third day in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.


Photo: Rain, rain, go away

Heavy rain caused by a stalled tropical weather system brought almost a foot of rain to parts of South Florida over the weekend.


Photo: Liberty’s coming out party

On this day in 1886, the Statue of LIberty made its long-awaited debut in New York City.


Photo: Oakland, occupied

Tension continued to grip the city of Oakland after dramatic clashes between the police and “Occupy” protesters on Tuesday night.


Photos: The death of Gadhafi

Libyans celebrate the death of Moammar Gadhafi.