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Erin Chapman


Turkey can be climate friendly; spinach, not so much

Though it might seem counterintuitive, turkeys can be climate friendly, while spinach can be as harmful for the planet as beef. In our holiday Climate Desk podcast, we look at how our food choices affect climate change — and vice versa.



The closest most of us have come to cholera is through reading the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. But an outbreak Haiti has killed over 1000 people and will likely worsen.


Climate victory? Not so much.

California’s Proposition 26 may render meaningless environmentalists’ celebrated Prop 23 victory.


26 days to Cancun

New initiatives promote green travel and carbon credits in Africa


Countdown to Cancun for climate change

In the month leading up to the Cancun climate talks, the UN Environment Program looks at 30 environmental initiatives that work.


Ten deliciously horrific soundtracks

When I was about 8, I became obsessed with a book at the Leon County Public Library called something like “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Scary Movies but Were Too Afraid to Ask.” Mainly, it focused on horror greats of the past like Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi, Val Lewton, James Whale and my […]


Climax Golden Twins on scoring ‘Session 9’

Masters of atmospheric audio collage, the Seattle duo are the perfect choice to score a horror film.


When it comes to carbon, Gibraltar’s got some big feet

It’s not just the world’s major emitters that will have to reduce their carbon footprints: There is plenty of room for smaller countries to reduce their per capita contributions to a problem that threatens all.