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Tamy Cozier

Associate Producer

Video: Essay: Jerry McGill

As a 13-year-old boy, a single bullet in the back from an unsuspecting stranger left Jerry McGill a quadriplegic with no chance for recovery. This random act of violence may have dashed the 44-year-old’s childhood dreams of becoming an athlete or entertainer but it never stole his optimistic outlook on life. McGill would go on […]


Video: Interview: Robyn Stone

Robyn Stone served in the Clinton White House as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Disability, Aging and Long-term Care Policy and is now the Executive Director of the Leading Age Center for Applied Research. Find out more about long-term care and other pressing medical issues from the series Prescription America.


Video: American Voices: Lynn Reichgott

Being able to age in place is being able to stay in your home in the community where you live or where you choose to live.


American Voices: Katori Hall

These kids on a daily basis are dealing with obstacles that you couldn’t even dream of. How can– how can you concentrate on words and math problems when you’re just trying to survive?


Q&A with the ‘renegade lunch lady’

As Need to Know reports this week, childhood obesity is a staggering problem in the U.S., with CDC stats putting the number of obese children (2-19) in America at nearly 12.5 million. In 2010, the President Barack Obama passed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act to combat the country’s high obesity rates among children. Under the […]


Video: American Voices: Garrett Ebling

An essay from Garret Ebling, who survived the 2007 Mississippi bridge collapse.


Video: American Voices: Mae Watson Grote

This week’s essay features Mae Watson Grote, whose organization services the working poor.


Video: Sonja Batten on veterans care

The V.A.’s deputy chief consultant for specialty mental health talks to Scott Simon about treating traumatized vets once they return home.


Video: American Voices: Sadia Hameed

The director of the crimes against humanity program at Human Rights First tells us why the United States must prevent genocide.