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Jessa Crispin


Jessa Crispin is the editor and founder of Bookslut. She currently resides in Berlin.


The dark side of idealism in Cate Kennedy’s ‘The World Beneath’

In her new novel, “The World Beneath,” Cate Kennedy explores the myth of Persephone and the ways in which disappointment can define our lives. An interview by Jessa Crispin.


Overlooked and underread: Five great reads by women

Women authors receive less critical attention than men, new statistics show, but Jessa Crispin offers a selection of five overlooked favorites from the last year.


On breaking the literary glass ceiling

Who’s to blame for the gender inequity in publishing? Jessa Crispin talks to two book publishers about the barriers to entry for women writers.


‘Numbers don’t lie’: Addressing the gender gap in literary publishing

In the literary publishing world, male writers still far outnumber female, as new statistics confirm. But why? Jessa Crispin asks around.


The role of the artist in troubled times

Jessa Crispin talks to Alan Riding about his new book, “And the Show Went On,” and the role of the artist in troubled times.


Postcards from the edge of the world

Jessa Crispin sates her wanderlust by checking in with four travel writers who are scattered around the globe.


Greek cuisine beyond mythology

Jessa Crispin reviews Tessa Kiros’ “Food from Many Greek Kitchens” and shares a timeless honey cake recipe.


Antidotes to political alienation

In the current vitriolic political climate, it can be easy to feel alienated from one’s country or community, writes Jessa Crispin. But here are five books that can help.


A ‘Little Star’ is born

Jessa Crispin looks at the renaissance of small literary journals, and talks to the editor of a new, promising contender.