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Jessa Crispin


Jessa Crispin is the editor and founder of Bookslut. She currently resides in Berlin.


Erika Lopez on the importance of ‘patience, faith and insanity’

“There’s no such thing as failure.” This is what my adviser (or whatever you want to call a therapist you only actually see once a year) was trying to tell me a few years back. I believe my response was to cross my arms and scowl. Of course there is. I, at the time, believed […]


Delightful dishes for fireside gorging

The message from Jane Lawson’s cookbook of winter food is clear: Baby, it’s cold outside. Let’s stay in and … gorge ourselves.


Hot Coco

The Chanel bio is suddenly en vogue.


The ‘new austerity’ reading list

Jessa Crispin revisits some timeless books about the first round of austerity to help us understand the new one.


Homemaking for the 21st century

How to be happy with less money, live a sustainable life, and center your world around your family and community? Jessa Crispin talks to author Shannon Hayes.


Getting seasick with Somerset Maugham

Reading W. Somerset Maugham novels, it almost seems a shame that we travel by planes, or locked away alone in our solitary cars, rather than boat or ship. I say that in the way that someone has nostalgia for the 1950s: I wouldn’t actually want to go back to those days. My friends may come […]


A Chicago cop gets a new beat

After three years of organizing and hosting the biweekly Bookslut reading series in Chicago, one night sticks out as particularly memorable. The series made its home in the cozy Hopleaf bar in Andersonville, a nice (but quickly becoming too nice) neighborhood on the north side. I myself used to live around the corner from the […]


‘The Vegetarian Option’

When I can afford the chicken, I still buy it. But now I’m spending much more time in the produce aisle.


Bright books for dark times

Inspired by comments from our readers, book guru Jessa Crispin offers a summer reading list: about humor in dark times, the strength of community, and people who shook off apathy to work at rebalancing the scales.