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Jessa Crispin


Jessa Crispin is the editor and founder of Bookslut. She currently resides in Berlin.


This side of paradise

Jessa Crispin talks to Utopian writer J.C. Hallman about bucking the dystopian trend.


Historical immersion with Alice Albina

Now that it’s officially summer, acquaintances and friends of friends are emailing me, asking, “I’m going to be in Berlin for two days — what should I see?” I have no idea how to answer that. I’ve never been a skimmer when I travel — someone who only has a few days in each place, […]


Hans Fallada and the fates of history

More than 60 years after his death, Hans Fallada had a groundbreaking success in the United States. The German writer, who died in 1947, was a bestseller in his home country with the publication of his novel “Little Man, What Now?” in 1932, which was later turned into a Hollywood film. But Fallada’s name, which […]


Joanna Kavenna on the labor of ‘Birth’

Novelist Joanna Kavenna discusses the creative process of turning a real-life person into a fictional character for her new novel, “The Labor of Love.”


Graham Greene: Patron saint of bad travel

Graham Greene knows the miseries of travel. But he also understands why we go again anyway, even when we feel we barely made it back from that last trip alive.


A writer leaves journalism to find truth in fiction

Novelist Lorraine Adams had another life as a journalist. A Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter for The Washington Post, she left the newspaper after 11 years and published her first and widely acclaimed novel, “Harbor,” in 2004. She brought her knowledge of the hot-button issues of our day — illegal immigration, terrorism, panic about terrorism — […]


What it feels like for a girl

When Hilary Hamann’s “Anthropology of an American Girl” first came out in 2003, it seemed natural that this monster of a book — more than 600 pages, all chronicling a few years in the life of a teenage girl in the 1970s — would come from a tiny, unknown publisher. Epics about teenage girls had […]


Travels in the Arctic for the indoor adventurer

In “The Magnetic North,” Sara Wheeler travels across the Arctic Circle, blending Norse myths, personal travelogue, journalism, history and literature.


Five titles to look forward to this summer

For many years, publishing suffered from the same blockbuster mentality as the movie industry. Things that go boom or rom-coms in the summer, brainy award winners in the fall. Despite not having its own Oscar race, it crammed every major release by every major author into the final months of the year, leaving summer reading […]