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Dreux Dougall

A graduate of Hofstra University, Dreux Dougall has writing, research, and production experience in the media, where she has covered environmental, international, and cultural topics for the past three years. Before joining Need to Know, she worked on the Emmy-award winning show Bill Moyers Journal and was an on camera reporter at Transit Transit News Magazine. Connect with her on Linked In.


Quiz: Country time!

As South Sudan becomes independent, it is the 34th new country in 20 years. How much do you know about the other new kids on the global block?


Dan Savage brings his ‘It Gets Better’ message to bookstores

Dan Savage talks to NTK’s Dreux Dougall about his recently released book of essays and stories.


‘Cairo 6, 7, 8’ exposes sexual violence in a changing Egypt

Mohammed Diab captures the grim reality of sexual harassment in Egypt in his new film, based on real-life experiences of three women.


A film enters the fight against modern slavery

An interview with Robert Bilheimer about his documentary “Not My Life,” which addresses the global epidemic of human trafficking.


A portrait of the artist as a young man

Tamra Davis talks to NTK about her documentary, “Basquiat: A Radiant Child.”


Black music month: Five acts to watch

Our picks for five up-and-coming acts with their own history-making potential.


Interview: When birds wash ashore

Need to Know spoke to Lisa Margonelli, author of Oil on the Brain, about the oil industry, the environmental movement, and what might happen when we start seeing oil-covered birds washing up on the Gulf Coast.


The blogger-business gender gap

Women are social media leaders. But what about behind the scenes?