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Lauren Feeney


is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and multimedia journalist whose work has taken her from the crime-infested streets of west Philadelphia to the mountains of northern Pakistan. Before joining Need to Know, Lauren was the senior multimedia producer for PBS’s Wide Angle. Feeney is a graduate of Bard College and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.


Could Gadhafi be charged with using rape as a weapon?

When rebels retook the tallest building in the besieged Libyan city of Misrata late last month, they found a message, spelled out in green Arabic graffiti, from the government troops who had been occupying the building: “If we survive, we are warning you gays and dogs. We will not forgive anybody from Misrata. We will […]


Audio: Michael Oreskes: A veteran journalist discusses the future of news

AP’s Michael Oreskes discusses the future of news in the first installment of a new series devoted to journalism.


Women in the new Egypt: A cyber-activist’s perspective

Women marched alongside men in Egypt’s new revolution. But the period of equality was shortlived. An interview with blogger Dalia Ziada.


Futurist Ray Kurzweil isn’t worried about climate change

The noted author and inventor predicts that in 20 years, we’ll be meeting all our energy needs with solar power.


The view from Saudi Arabia

Diplomats say that Mubarak has been offered a place in Saudi Arabia, but the former Egyptian president plans to die on Egyptian soil, says NPR’s Deborah Amos.


Mubarak resigns! A live blog

As the situation in Egypt progresses, we’ll bring you photos, interviews and updates from people on the ground.


Egyptians want democracy, not military rule

Reporters speculate that Hosni Mubarak may step down tonight. But protesters in Tahrir Square may not be satisfied.


Could our government shut down the Internet?

Egyptians are back online. But the five days they spent cut off from the outside world have left many wondering if the same thing could ever happen here.


Audio: What does the Bible have to say about climate change?

It depends on who you ask. In this Climate Desk podcast, we pose the question to a rabbi, a Muslim author, an evangelical pastor, and one of the founders of Ark Encounter, a Biblical theme park under development in Kentucky.