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Jeff Greenfield


Video: A historic election

Some years ago, the famed conservative William F. Buckley told me in a public conversations that the culture war is over—and my side lost.” Had Mr. Buckley been alive, he would have looked at last Tuesday’s outcomes and said, “as I was saying…”


Video: Predicting Presidential effectiveness

How about an ex-one term congressman, a man of no prepossessing appearance, who’d lost his last two political campaigns. Not too impressive, is it…until you remember we’re talking about Abraham Lincoln, who led the country through its most severe threat to survival.


Video: Jeff Greenfield on the muddled middle…and the base

As recently as 1976, the Republicans offered a pro-choice candidate–Gerald Ford–and a platform that simply noted widely divergent opinions. By 1980, its candidate–Ronald Reagan–was squarely against abortion, and the platform was to.


Video: Jeff Greenfield: Crime disappears as a political issue

When it comes to the lack of political talk about crime, no news is good news, says anchor Jeff Greenfield.


Video: Jeff Greenfield on food stamps and the American safety net

In this essay, Jeff Greenfield asks, “What does it tell us about our country that so many require assistance to meet some of the most fundamental of needs?”


Video: Ramesh Ponnuru offers a critical take on the food stamp program

Jeff Greenfield asks Ramesh Ponnuru, a food stamp critic: “Do you have a problem with a federal government program that says, under a set of circumstances, we’re going to help you eat?”