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Shoshana Guy


Video: Drugs in the system: Foster children and antipsychotic medication

Foster children are some of the most medicated children in the nation. Need to Know provides an update to our investigation into the use of powerful antipsychotics in our foster care systems.


Video: Safe and sexy: The persona project

What makes us feel safe, and what makes us feel sexy? Photographer Sarah Hughes has spent 10 years traveling the globe in search of answers as part of her “Persona Project.”


Camden, an impoverished city, struggles to survive budget cuts

One of the poorest, most violent cities in our nation recently lost half of its police force. Need to Know goes to Camden, N. J., to see first hand the challenges on the ground and explore possible solutions for the city.


Video: Atul Gawande: End-of-life counseling improves — and even extends — lives

As health care is attached in Congress and the courts, Dr. Atul Gawande discusses the quiet removal of one controversial provision: funding for end-of-life counseling, the so-called ‘death panels.’


Can more care mean lower costs?

One percent of people account for 30 percent of healthcare costs. And those are the people we should be focusing on, says Atul Gawande.


Video: The Watch List: The medication of foster children

Foster children are some of the most heavily medicated children in the nation. Need to Know investigates the use and potential overuse of powerful anti psychotics in our foster care systems, focusing on Texas, which has done much to reform its practices.


Liu Xiaobo

It’s been 65 years since the chair sat empty. The last time a detained Nobel Peace Prize laureate failed to be formally represented by anyone at the awards gala was when Nazi Germany barred pacifist Carl von Ossietzky from attending in 1935.


Déjà vu in Juarez, Mexico

Despite efforts on the part of both Mexico and the U.S., the death toll marches on, writes Need to Know’s Shoshana Guy.


Before the fact: Homegrown terrorism in the post-9/11 world

Need to Know explores the profiles of the men convicted of plotting to kill American soldiers at Fort Dix, and examines the U.S. strategy for stopping and finding homegrown terrorists.