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Laura Henze

Design Technologist

Laura has designed and coded websites, social networks and interactives for clients including, Social Text Journal, The American Association for the Advancement of Science, Columbia University Library Systems, the Association for Cultural Equity, and EDC’s Center for Children and Technology; she holds an MPS from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. Laura maintains this site and builds the interactives.


Interactive: Before and after the Minot flood, and a plan to rebuild

After flooding in the past two weeks, the city of Minot, North Dakota, is still largely underwater, but an ambitious plan is unfolding to protect it the next time. See interactive satellite images.


Trending secret sneaker lust, and other uses of Google Correlate

We search, therefore we are? Google’s new Correlate makes connections between what we are searching for online and in life, among other uses.


Interactive: Before and after: A controversial flood plan put to use

The town of Cairo, Ill., was saved last week when Army engineers opened a levee to divert surging floodwaters as part of a controversial plan first authorized in 1928.


Interactive: Before and after: Tuscaloosa in the tornadoes’ path

The tornadoes that tore across the south last week left a devastating trail of loss and destruction. Comparative satellite images provide a vivid portrait of what was lost.


Douglas Rushkoff wants you to do something

The media theorist thinks we should control Facebook before it controls us. He also wants us to learn to code and grow some vegetables.


Slideshow: Accidental imagery

A van on fire, kids ankle-deep in an inflatable pool, provoked people (mooners not included in the slideshow above), many apparent prostitutes, swimmers, climbers, congregators, arrests in progress, and many simply gawking at the camera, including penguins on an ice floe and one ear-flapping elephant. Powerful visual compositions existing at one moment, in one place, from one angle. Each has been found in the colossal repository known as Google Street View.


Interactive: Global piracy map

Piracy incidents around the world Early on Thursday morning Somali pirates seized a Panamanian tanker called the Hannibal II 900 nautical miles from the Somali coast, closer to India than to Somalia. Though the greatest number of ships are seized in the notorious Gulf of Aden, or “Pirate Alley,” off the coast of Somalia, the […]