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Rawan Jabaji

Prior to joining Need to Know, Rawan Jabaji field produced a historical documentary, “Fun City Revisited: The Lindsay Years,” which was awarded a New York Emmy. She also worked on the PBS documentary series, “Wide Angle,” for three seasons, where she helped produce more than ten international films, two of which were nominated for Emmys. Rawan is a graduate of Syracuse University and the New York University Graduate School of Journalism. She’s fluent in Arabic and has lived and traveled extensively in the Middle East.


Video: The people’s choice

An interesting power-to-the-people experiment is taking place in New York City, with some taxpayers getting a much bigger say about how their tax dollars are being spent. It’s called participatory budgeting.


Spotlight on California

Rawan Jabaji gives us a preview of two upcoming stories about redistricting and San Francisco’s first Asian American mayor.


Video: Economics lesson: The student-debt dilemma

With student loan debt now nearing $1 trillion, Need to Know looks at the dilemma facing young people: go to college and likely accumulate tens of thousands of dollars in debt, or skip it and risk never qualifying for a higher-paying job.


Video: Mayor under siege

Mayors across the United States are under tight pressure to rein in spending and keep services running at the same time. Need to Know chronicles three days spent with Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett.


Video: Home sick: Living with Chinese drywall

Drywall manufactured in China is emitting sulfur gasses which American homeowners allege is making them sick. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating, and many homeowners are suing, while at least one major manufacturer denies that its drywall causes any ill effects.


Massey Energy cooked the books says government investigators

According to a recently released report, Massey Energy could have prevented the West Virginia mine explosion that killed 29 workers last year.


Video: A preventable event: The story of the Upper Big Branch mine blast

Need to Know’s John Larson reports on just-released findings of an investigation into what caused last year’s deadly West Virginia coal mine explosion.


On a reel and a prayer: Q&A with ‘Jesus Henry Christ’ director Dennis Lee

The director discusses his latest film, working with Hollywood’s most bankable star and life inside the Hollywood fishbowl.


Video: Home sick: Alleged ill effects from Chinese drywall

Need to Know examines the harmful effects of allegedly tainted drywall manufactured in China and the legal frustrations consumers encounter when trying to sue foreign manufacturers for damages.