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Rick Karr


Video: Braking the banks

Need to Know travels to D.C. to examine Better Markets, a nonprofit advocating for increased Wall Street regulation.


Video: Dropping in: An innovative program tries to get drop-outs back in school

Need to Know travels to Philadelphia to examine the city’s ambitious plan to reach out to and re-engage high school dropouts. The story is part of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s “American Graduate” initiative.


Video: High fiber

Correspondent Rick Karr reports on why the United States, where the Tnternet was born, has now fallen badly behind in the race to the online future.


Audio: Building for health

This week on our Karr on Culture podcast: Can better urban infrastructure make Americans healthier?


Audio: Leaning toward fat

Rick Karr talks to the former Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman about the tension between the USDA’s dueling mandates: promoting good nutrition and good farm policy.


Audio: Too early, too often

Blogger Matthew Yglesias on what’s wrong with the way America votes.


Audio: Facts all come with points of view

An NPR librarian considers all facts.


Audio: A new number one

What does it take to be the best university in the country — advantages or merit?


Audio: The last days of Cool Britannia?

Will steep cuts to arts funding leave British culture reeling — or help usher in a new age of creativity?