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Lucy Kennedy

Multimedia Producer

Video: Subject to approval: An investigation into clinical drug trials abroad

This week on Need to Know, we feature an investigation into the globalization of the pharmaceutical industry. Has insufficient oversight of foreign clinical trials led to dangerous drugs becoming available or staying on the U.S. market?


Video: Look no further: The military’s detainee abuse investigation task force

In a joint investigation with the Nation Institute Investigative Fund, Need to Know reveals the inner workings of a little-known U.S. military task force charged with examining cases of detainee abuse in Iraq.


Video: Fracking may violate Safe Drinking Water Act, report says

A controversial process of extracting natural gas may violate the Safe Drinking Water Act, a new congressional report charges. We revisit the story.


Natural gas explosion in Philadelphia kills worker

The incident is just the latest in a series of pipeline disasters across the country.


Video: Invisible lines: The dangers of natural gas pipelines

Need to Know presents the work of Brett Shipp, an award-winning reporter for WFAA in Dallas, who investigated the cause of a fatal natural gas pipeline explosion in June.


Viewer response: How the international community fights piracy

In a follow-up to our segment “The Trouble with Pirates,” we detail some of the efforts the international community is taking to combat piracy.


Video: The trouble with pirates: Part 2

Just who are these Somali pirates who are bringing the shipping world to its knees? How do they operate? And why do we negotiate with them?


Video: The trouble with pirates

Need to Know presents an excerpt from “The Trouble with Pirates,” including the story of a French family who were abducted by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean.

In ‘Inside Job,’ a new doc about the financial crisis, no one looks good

“Inside Job,” a documentary detailing the causes of the financial collapse of 2008 and its aftermath, is a scathing critique of U.S. policies of deregulation since the 1980s — a critique that extends to Republicans and Democrats alike. At a New York Film Festival screening of the film, director Charles Ferguson said that one of […]