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Zachary Kussin


Was America hacked?

Amid speculation that Murdoch reporters and private investigators hacked inside U.S. borders, the investigation in England continues with a new arrest.


Rick Perry looks set to run

The popular Texas governor begins to court fundraisers and political consultants as he moves closer to making a bid for the GOP presidential nomination.


Same-sex couples wed in New York

Hundreds of jubilant gay and lesbian couples exchanged wedding vows across the state on Sunday.


The Murdochs testify before the British Parliament

Highlights from today’s testimonies about the News of the World cellphone-hacking scandal.


News of the World deep throat found dead

The News of the World cellphone-hacking scandal has claimed its first fatality.


Just how easy is phone hacking?

Is your phone vulnerable to hackers?

Photo: Terror strikes Mumbai

Terrorists struck the financial capital of India with three bombs that killed 20 people and injured more than 100.


Murdoch capitulates BSkyB bid

News Corporation announced today that it will withdraw from the $12 billion bid to assume control of the broadcaster.


News International hacked former PM Gordon Brown

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown now joins the ranks of those hacked by News International reporters.