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Brianna Lee

Community Coordinator

A matter of degrees: a debate over higher education

Not long ago, there was a lively discussion brewing on Sal Gentile’s article about the U.S. falling behind its rivals in college degrees. Readers weighed in about the ills of the country’s educational system, high school graduates’ lack of preparedness for the rigors of college-level work, and most of all, the fact that college graduates […]

‘Mama grizzlies,’ unemployment and the Serengeti

We’ve been ecstatic to see that our initial call for submissions has brought in a flurry of news pitches and story ideas from readers! The environment (especially food and agriculture-related stories) and unemployment seem to be at the forefront of topics that concern our audience, and we received some interesting suggestions outside those areas. We’ve […]

Welcome to the new (and improved!) Pitch Room!

Welcome to the new (and improved!) Pitch Room! This is a space where readers can submit tips and story ideas for the Need to Know staff to cover on the website or on our weekly broadcast. Right now, it may look suspiciously similar to the previous incarnation of our Pitch Room, but this promises to […]