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Brianna Lee

Community Coordinator

Obama stresses Asia-Pacific’s importance as he announces increased military presence in Australia

Even as the U.S. military scales down operations in the Middle East, it’s sharpening its focus on the Asia-Pacific, President Obama declared this week, evoking dismay from China.


Occupy movement at a crossroads as evictions spread

As city governments’ patience wears thin with Occupy encampments, protesters look for ways to shift their tactics. One push has been to target home foreclosures.


The Keystone XL pipeline

The Keystone XL oil pipeline is the subject of one of the biggest political battles brewing in Washington, and has ensnared groups from both sides of the political spectrum. What’s at stake and what’s behind the controversy?


‘Getting by’: Share your stories

We want to hear your stories of surviving in today’s struggling economy.


Banks cancel debit card fees, but anti-bank sentiment remains palpable

After weeks of public outcry, Bank of America announced it was canceling plans to charge debit card transaction fees. Still, a growing number of Americans are choosing to move their money elsewhere.


Obama announces measures to ease student loans

President Obama, on the last leg of his tour through the western U.S., announced a series of measures to help ease the mounting burden of student debt on Americans.


Obama plan helps more Americans refinance mortgages but underwhelms policy analysts

In the face of a rigid Congress, President Obama is taking to executive orders to help jumpstart the economy. The first item: expanding mortgage refinancing for Americans underwater in debt.


U.S. support against the LRA spotlights group’s brutal history

The U.S.’s new commitment to assisting in the fight against the Lord’s Resistance Army in central Africa is putting a renewed focus on the group’s long and brutal history of violence in the region.


Attacks over illegal immigration fly in Vegas debate

In Tuesday’s debate in Las Vegas, the subject of illegal immigration provoked one of the most biting exchanges between Romney and Perry that the race has seen yet.