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John A. Light

John is a writer and journalist based in New York City and Cleveland, Ohio.


Inhalers are cool! And so is coal

No, that energy company isn’t really offering kids free Justin Bieber inhalers. An elaborate hoax website fooled a few.


Faraway, so close: the Earth’s most loyal stalker

Far away, but so close: The terraphobic asteroid that’s been stalking the Earth for a quarter of a million years may be our long-lost relative.


U.S. is due for a sizable quake, but not because of Japan’s

A quake expert explains why recent temblors across the globe don’t make one in the U.S. any more likely — and why there is still cause for concern.


Iran and the ‘universal space of friendship’

The U.S. continues to pursue a dated Cold War ideology in the Middle East region, says a former Iranian ambassador. Meanwhile Iran is testing the waters of the new political reality.


A founding father’s books discovered in Missouri library

Dozens of books that once belonged to Thomas Jefferson have been found in a Washington University library.


The best in broadcast journalism

There’s no red carpet or Oscar de la Renta gowns, but the duPont awards, celebrating the best in broadcast journalism, have their own cachet.


Real astronauts on a virtual Mars

After months of “space flight,” six astronauts are preparing to land on the red planet this Saturday. But this Mars is somewhere in Moscow.


A Texas lawyer seeks to ban the pit bull

Pit bulls have a reputation for aggression and violence, but is the problem nature or nurture?


Was the Roman Empire a victim of climate change?

A new study suggests environmental factors contributed to the downfall of the great empire.