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Yuval Lion


Video: How ‘gesture technology’ like Microsoft Kinect will change the way we live

Modifications to the Microsoft Kinect gaming system enable people to control computers using just their body movements — an innovation that could change the way we live.


Growing a state: Palestinians build a homeland

While the Middle East peace process remains frozen, Palestinians in the West Bank are already at work building the institutions and infrastructure for a future Palestinian state.


A colorful ‘Sam’s Army’ marches through South Africa

The American team showed a lot of grit in South Africa, and the American fans, who seem to have more enthusiasm for their team than even the Europeans do, even more so.


Hooray, I’m for the other team

Yuval Lion discovers a new breed of soccer fan in South Africa.


‘This is Africa!’ Vuvuzelas and all

A dispatch from the World Cup: from the wig-wearing, color-bearing fans to the giant beelike sounds of the vuvuzelas.