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Anastacia Marx de Salcedo


Anastacia Marx de Salcedo is a food writer whose favorite topics include Latin American home cooking; the intersection of food, business, and culture; and the unpleasant side of eating. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, Gourmet, Saveur, Salon and The Boston Globe, and she’s a regular contributor to NPR’s Public Radio Kitchen. A serial entrepreneur, she has, among other things, run a boutique ad agency and an English-language newsmagazine in Ecuador. She’s a proud alumna of the Columbia School of Mixology.


Five food safety myths — debunked!

Worried about being felled by a burrito or sidelined by potato salad? Anastacia Marx de Salcedo clears up a few untruths about foodborne illnesses.


The poetry of drinking

Who better to shepherd us through the season than some hard-drinking poets? Four bards imbibe and read selections from a new anthology.


The All-American sandwich: Fresh and natural? Anything but.

Anything but! Anastacia Marx de Salcedo deconstructs your cubicle mate’s turkey ‘n’ cheese sandwich with devastating results.