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Rabia Mehmood


Mukhtar Mai, Pakistan’s iconic survivor, sees bleak future for women there

Speaking after Pakistan’s Supreme Court acquitted five men of raping her, the activist had a bleak view of the prospects for women in her country.


Documenting documentary film

“I hate it because I know my future is ruined.” These are the words of the 14-year-old Haitian earthquake survivor-turned-prostitute, Lauretta, in the documentary, “Little Girls Lost,” by Lisa Armstrong and Andre Lambertston. This gripping film about a young girl’s descent into prostitution and poverty was one of the highlights of the City University of […]


Freeing of CIA contractor ends standoff with Pakistan but fuels protests

American accused of killing two Pakistanis is pardoned by victims’ families under Islamic law after “blood money” exchange.


Killing of anti-blasphemy minister heightens fear for Pakistan’s religious minorities

The sole Christian member of Pakistan’s cabinet had repeatedly asked for government protection. The killing has heightened fears for Pakistan’s religious minorities.


Pakistan blasphemy laws retake center stage

In Pakistan, the deadly blasphemy laws have reared their ugly head yet again, in the wake of a new film and death threats against a liberal reformist.