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Alexandra Nikolchev

Associate Producer

Video: Need to Know: Can Medicare be fixed?

This week on Need to Know, Anchor Ray Suarez talk with three experts about Medicare’s costly future.


Video: Swing state Florida has toughest ex-felon voting rules in the nation

Watch Web extra: Ex-felon in Florida struggles to vote again on PBS. See more from Need To Know. Vikki Hankins, released from federal prison in 2008, cannot vote under Florida law. Hankins wrote a book about her experience in prison and launched Fine Success Magazine following her release.


Video: Manufacturing jobs in Alabama

The State of Alabama has a possible solution. It’s a program called Alabama Industrial Development and Training. Local shipyard owners say they can’t find enough skilled workers around here who know how to do the things they need, to weld properly, to fit pipes.


Bribr: A new Russian anti-corruption app

The Bribr app allows regular people to safely document the bribes negatively affecting their everyday lives while illustrating Russia’s corruption problems to an international audience.


Video: Making it in America

This week, Need to Know travels to Atlanta to understand the impact that immigrant entrepeneurs have on the region’s economic success.


A portrait of the intellectual as a young woman

A new play examines the early life of a seminal American writer and her legacy of serious political debate and inquiry.


Deconstructing the myth of the ‘extraordinary teacher’

Why do so many policy makers hold firm to the idea that “superstar” teachers will single-handedly save our education system?


Video: A generation with autism, graduating into the unknown

For many young adults with autism, the state aid they receive for care, education and even housing runs out at the age of 22. What happens to these adults who are graduating into the unknown?


Girls win big at Google science fair

Google announced the winners of its first science fair this week — with girls taking

Girls took home the top prizes at the Google’s first science fair, serving as a much-needed reminder of the importance of encouraging talented girls and women to stay in a field where they have been historically underrepresented.