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Alexandra Nikolchev

Associate Producer

The chronic fatigue syndrome Rubik’s Cube

After a 2009 study linked chronic fatigue syndrome to a virus called XMRV, some sufferers hoped the link would lead to a cure. But two studies published this week refute claim the link was the result of laboratory mistakes.


In teachers we trust?

Ezra Klein’s Washington Post blog recently featured a guest post by Columbia University journalism student Dana Goldstein entitled “Is the U.S. doing teacher reform all wrong?” Goldstein focuses on the findings of a recent National Center on Education and the Economy’s study, which compares education policies in five top performing countries — Finland, China, Japan, […]


Jugaad Urbanism: Making it work

From solar powered rickshaws to a canopy made of recycled oil cans, learn about Jugaad Urbanism — an exhibit featuring the work of urban designers inspired by the resourcefullness of ordinary citizens in India.


Video: Taylor Mac’s walkabout

The San Francisco-based performance artist talks about his nine-month protest walk, American identity politics and his sparkly take on what it means to be human.


Audio slideshow: Staging political dissent

In this audio slideshow, the Belarus Free Theater’s Natalia Koliada discusses life under Europe’s last remaining dictatorship, the political power of theater and the troupe’s triumphant return to New York City this spring.


Video: Dispelling the myths surrounding cancer trials

Clinical trials are vital to advancing cancer treatment, but sometimes doctors can’t find patients to participate and patients can’t find the trials. “It’s like two ships passing in the night,” says Dr. Elly Cohen.


Video: Girl mathletes run the numbers

At this prestigious high school math contest, the winner is guaranteed to be a girl.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is good for your bones. That much we know. But how much do you need? We asked the experts about a new report that has heightened the debate.


Climate law gets thumbs up in California

In a report last week, we explored the battle in California over the state’s landmark greenhouse gas law. The outcome? Voters defeated Proposition 23 with more than 60 percent of the vote, delivering a decisive victory for those who feel the law will benefit the state’s clean energy economy, clean air and climate policy.