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Kavitha Rajagopalan


Kavitha Rajagopalan is a senior fellow at the World Policy Institute, where she writes and lectures widely on immigrant integration, global migration and the informal economy, and Muslim immigrant communities in the West. She is the author of “Muslims of Metropolis: The Stories of Three Immigrant Families in the West.”


Charitable donation or material support for terrorism?

Two of the Minnesota Somalians indicted on terrorism charges say they thought they were collecting money for the impoverished people of their war-torn country.

The border is a state of mind

The more we obsess about the legal status of immigrants the less we look at the very real, very deep flaws in our conception of immigration.


@ Sarah Palin, pls understand, this is America

This Sunday, Palin tweeted to “Peace-seeking Muslims” entreating them to “pls understand, Ground Zero mosque is UNNECESSARY provocation.”


Anchor babies

Illegal alien. Border hopper. Wetback. Now – “anchor baby.” The current language for undocumented people in this country allows us to think that immigration status defines a person’s basic humanity and right to dignity.


My father’s battle with modern healthcare

This Father’s Day, Kavitha Rajagopalan looks at her father’s battle with an unexplained neurological condition and the nation’s battle for healthcare reform.