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G.W. Schulz


G.W. Schulz joined the Center for Investigative Reporting in 2008 to launch its ongoing homeland security project. Prior to that time he wrote extensively about politics, workplace safety, criminal justice and the changing national landscape in news media for the San Francisco Bay Guardian. He was an early contributor to the Chauncey Bailey Project, which won an IRE Tom Renner Award in 2008. In 2007, he won first place for investigative reporting from the California Newspaper Publishers Association and the Public Service Award from the Society of Professional Journalists, Northern California.


When can cops gain access to my personal info on Facebook?

The rules aren’t always clear, and you might not know when it happens, writes G.W. Schulz of the Center for Investigative Reporting.


Is WikiLeaks driving Bank of America to seize domain names?

Wikileaks is reportedly set to leak five gigs of Bank of America documents, and the company may already be working to protect its image, writes G.W. Shultz.


Weapons and WikiLeaks

Among the piles of recently leaked documents are details about the global arms trade that have arms experts worried, writes G. W. Schultz.


TSA’s ‘Blogger Bob’ separates myth from fact in pat-downgate

The Transportation Security Administration’s own blogger separates myth from fact in the uproar over new security measures, but he is often thoroughly rebuffed in the comments section.


Is your boss spying off the clock?

For a fee, a new company called Social Intelligence monitors your online profile day and night.


Frank Rizzo and Pennsylvania’s 56-year legacy of police spying

Wrongful surveillance and later apologies continue decades after scandal


Google Street View angers advocates, but can it see inside your car?

Airports aren’t the only place to find companies selling X-ray scanners


The other, other sultry spy

Could the gravest threat to national security be the intelligence community itself…and the male libido?

Preparedness board game sure to be a downer for the whole family

Roll the dice and find out what homeland security disaster awaits you.