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Samuel I. Schwartz, P.E.

Sam Schwartz, former New York City traffic commissioner and head highway and bridge engineer, is president and chief executive of Sam Schwartz Engineering, a multi-disciplinary consulting firm specializing in transportation engineering. Mr. Schwartz is also a Visiting Scholar at New York University and a member of the New York Transportation Journal Editorial Board. For 25 years he has been an adjunct professor at Cooper Union and Long Island University. He writes about everything related to transportation and engineering practice.


Local transportation projects gain steam

Despite the dire state of our transportation infrastructure, there’s cause to be optimistic: Cities, states and counties are finding new ways to fund much-needed initiatives, writes Samuel I. Schwartz.


Making a case for the gas tax

The coming federal gas tax reauthorization showdown puts millions of workers and billions of dollars on the line. If the federal government can’t create a unified response to this infrastructure crisis, each state must act, writes Samuel I. Schwartz.


No bridge over troubled water: Our economy depends on a functioning transportation system

Can the nation afford $56 billion on highway spending alone? Samuel Schwartz argues that the costs of failing to improve our national infrastructure are the ones we really can’t afford.


An indecent proposal for our country’s infrastructure future

Is it fiscally responsible to cut transportation spending now when this country’s infrastructure needs are only growing?, asks Samuel I. Schwartz.