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Sam Weber

Associate Producer

Video: Need to Know: March 29, 2013: Economic inequality and mobility

We’ve invited three highly-respected economic thinkers from different perspectives, to see if there is some common economic ground, and whether that common ground tells us anything about how we can improve our economic health.


Video: The Danish option

Under the Danish system, an estimated 30 times more patients are compensated for medical malpractice and payments come — on average — within six or seven months. Payments average roughly $50,000 and are capped at $2 million.


Missouri ballot initiative to cap interest rates falls short

More than three months after submitting more than 175,000 signatures, it appears that supporters of a ballot initiative in Missouri that would cap interest rates on payday and other small-dollar loans may have fallen just short of getting their question on the ballot. Earlier this month, the Missouri Secretary of State announced that the initiative […]


Video: Fixing America: Immigration reform

Following the Obama administration’s announcement to exempt several thousand young undocumented immigrants from deportation, Need to Know’s panel of experts discuss the nation’s need for immigration reform.


Video: Payday loans: An insider’s perspective

Graham McCaulley talks to NTK about his journey from payday lender to consumer activist.


Video: Loans on the line

In Missouri, there’s an effort to put an initiative on the ballot this November that would cap payday loan interest rates. But will capping rates mean no credit at all for some Missourians? Stacey Tisdale reports.


Payday lending

Do payday loans take advantage of the poor? Or do they extend much-needed loans to consumers with no other access to credit? Read our primer.


Who are you calling VAT?

What if we were taxed less on what we earn and more on what we consume? That’s the basic idea behind the value-added tax.


New task force to investigate mortgage-backed securities

Could a day of reckoning be coming for the people most responsible for the subprime mortgage disaster?