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Sam Weber

Associate Producer

Parking meter rates rise again in 2012

As the year starts, Chicagoans have gotten another reminder of why the parking meter lease has been so deeply unpopular.


Video: Faith in the system: Divisions among evangelicals in Iowa

Need to Know correspondent Rick Karr examines how conservative evangelical voters in Iowa have been unable to coalesce around one candidate as the presidential caucuses loom ahead.


New bill would allow unemployment pay for entrepreneurs

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon is among those backing a move to allow more people to receive benefits while starting a new business.


Video: Supporting military families: Home Front Hearts

Need to Know speaks with Randi Cairns, the founder and executive director of Home Front Hearts, a non-profit organization that supports military families, which she runs out of her home in East Brunswick, N.J.


‘Did we double dip and no one noticed?’

This morning’s GDP numbers point to a growing risk of recession for the U.S., experts say.


Obama taps Cordray as head of consumer protection agency

Elizabeth Warren, who has been helping organize the agency as a Special Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury on the CFPB, will not be nominated to lead the agency.


Study aims to identify financial products for low-income Americans

There are 30 to 40 million low-income Americans who either have no bank account, or who can’t take advantage of traditional banking services. A new study aims to find products that can help them manage their money.


Fed belatedly discloses top ‘discount window’ borrowers

A lawyer for the Federal Reserve dropped off previously undisclosed loan documents at the Washington, D.C,. office of Bloomberg News this morning, marking the end of a three-year struggle to compel the Fed to disclose who borrowed from its “discount window” during the 2007 financial crisis.


A tale of two union disputes

If it weren’t for renegade senators, a pugnacious governor and ongoing protests, the biggest labor story in the country would certainly be the NFL.