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Sam Weber

Associate Producer

‘Our Sputnik moment’: Then and now

In 1958, Life magazine was decrying the “crisis in the U.S. education.” Fifty years later, many of the concerns still ring true.


Video: School of thought in Brockton, Mass.

In 1998, when new standardized tests were mandated in Massachusetts, 75 percent of the 4,000 students at Brockton High School were in danger of failing to graduate. But a group of dedicated teachers turned things around.


The year in economy: 5 stories you missed in 2010

From the exclusive banking cabals of Switzerland to the complicated rise of the Chinese consumer, we highlight five important economy stories that got lost in this year’s headlines.

Candid camera in Congress

All eyes — well, all wonky eyes — are on the House today where some Democrats are attempting to amend the estate-tax provision of the White House and Senate Republican tax compromise. But what if instead of watching the classic CSPAN angles (stationary shots of the Congressperson speaking or wide shots of the chamber), there […]


Do SMART boards make for smart students?

Do new technologies actually help kids learn or does it just amount to a novelty?


Currency war… averted?

World leaders negotiate a temporary reprieve on an all-out currency warfare.

The rap on the ‘global currency war’

Need a G20 primer? Watch Next Media’s US-Sino currency rap battle.


Tuesday by the numbers

Knowing that this past Tuesday may end up being the priciest day of the entire midterm campaign, we highlighted some of the most noteworthy disclosures.


The recession’s silver lining: Young entrepreneurship

The down economy is spurring more students to take the risk of starting their own business.