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Hannah Yi

Multimedia Producer

A rumble in the stacks

Controversial plans to renovate the New York Public Library’s research headquarters have prompted many bibliophiles to ask what role libraries should play in the digital age.


Video: Nuns on the run

American nuns are fighting back against the Vatican’s claims that they are propagating “radical feminist themes.”


Video: From paper to pixels: Political cartoonists leap into the digital age

Editorial cartoonists like Steve Brodner are fighting to stay relevant in the increasingly digital mediascape of infographics, photo memes and data visualizations.


Video: The drone next door

What has mainly been an aerial asset for the U.S. military in countries like Afghanistan or Pakistan is now being used increasingly on the home front – raising some serious legal questions about how to best balance citizens’ rights with law-enforcement goals.


Video: Brain drain

Should the government make it easier for foreign-born, hi-tech workers to stay in the United States, as companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft argue? Or are these workers already undercutting the job market for Americans? Need to Knows Rick Karr travels to Silicon Valley and to New York City to investigate.


Video: Silicon Valley and immigration

Rep. Zoe Lofgren talks to Rick Karr about technological innovation and job creation in Silicon Valley — and the visa complications that might put all that to an end as foreign entrepreneurs decide to take their businesses and jobs overseas.


Video: No president is an island

Hannah Yi talks to director Jon Shenk about his documentary, “The Island President,” which chronicles former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed’s fight against climate change.


Beyond vérité

Presidential candidates are increasingly turning to documentary-style advertising this election season. But will voters be persuaded by these faux-reality videos?


Video: ‘Gotcha’ videos gone wild

A new generation of opposition researchers are harnessing the power of the web to upend campaigns and reshape the political conversation this election season.