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Code words

Photo: Harvey McDaniel

During a recent Climate Desk podcast, I asked a guest about wind energy. He promptly told me that a fact in my question was wrong and then he delivered an answer that was supposed to show why I was wrong. I re-asked the question to clarify. He was adamant about his position. Later in the day, I was concerned I’d made an error and I re-researched the topic. What I’d said wasn’t wrong, but I discovered it might have been perceived as political.
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Muffingate, or the making of a PBS-style euphemism

There’s no question that Peter Sagal is a perfect addition to the Need to Know family; he’s funny, insightful and game to take on the tricky role of show closer. If you haven’t caught it yet, check out his first “advice column.” But this three-minute essay came with a problem we hadn’t run into before at Need to Know: How do we say a dirty word without saying a dirty word?

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