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Ask Amy: Craft tips and other advice from comedian Amy Sedaris

Thanksgiving’s approaching, and you’re asking yourself: How can I prepare for the holidays using only the useless junk I have lying around the house?

Ask Amy Sedaris!

The actress, comedian, crafter and hostess extraordinaire will be talking to Need to Know about her latest book, “Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People.” In her book, she illustrates, as only she can, how to make seasonal decorations and holiday keepsakes from seemingly worthless household items, like rocks or family photos.

Learn how to make your own sausage log cabin or rock rings in Amy's new book.

Amy is also a noted advice columnist, and her words of wisdom have changed peoples’ lives. Having trouble with your marriage? Thinking of going back to school? Wondering how to get back into the dating scene now that your imaginary boyfriend has been murdered under mysterious circumstances?

You can ask her anything!

We’ll be taking questions until Thursday, Nov. 4, when Sedaris will sit down with Need to Know host Alison Stewart. Post your queries in the comments section below. Answers to selected questions will appear online, and possibly on air, later this month.

So ask away! But please, no proposals: Amy has already moved on from the death of her imaginary boyfriend Ricky, and her new husband, Glenn, is very real.*

*Glenn may or may not be real.

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